Puerto Madryn, Argentina,was our first stop in the Patagonia region of Argentina. As you can see, it’s desert. We went sea lion watching. On the way we saw Guanocos, a type of llama. We also saw reas, ostrich-like animals. I know, it’s far away. They look like moving bushes. We went out on a RIB. On the way to sea lions, we saw a couple of penguins, some fossils, cormorants, and just beautiful country.

Going around Cape Horn was a real thrill. A family of five people live on the island inthe lighthouse.

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in SA. We took the Beagle Channel to get there. From there we went on a Catamaran to see penguins. We even saw a whale (probably a humpback according to the nature guy). It was too quick for pictures but we saw whale tail and it blew for us! There were imperial cormorants, albatrosses, swimming sea lions. Most of the penguins were Magellanic penguins but we did see a King penguin. That brown fuzz ball at his feet is his chick.

To get to Punta Arenas, Chile, we went through the Magellan Straights. We took tenders into the port to catch another boat for our excursion. Going to Magdalena Island to see penguins and walk among them was an experience. We’d went there on a bouncy RIB. There we climbed a hill to the lighthouse and down, all the while observing penguins and their burrows, gulls and their chicks, and skuas trying to eat them. Penguins were molting. Nature at its finest.

Glaciers in the fjords of Chile were amazing. First was Amalia followed by Pio XI. Amalia was thicker but Pio XI was larger.

Puerto Montt was a disappointment. It was a tender port but the swell and winds were too high for a tender operation so we missed the place altogether. It happens.

The weather in the south has been challenging. It’s been in the 50s (Remember, it’s summer down here), rainy, and windy with some very choppy water. One night I was dining when we hit a deep trough and I watched my coffee leave the cup and drop back in again. We will be back in summer soon.