South America 2

Salvador, Brazil, is quite a poor city. It is the most African city in Brazil with 80% of the citizens descended from African slaves. We went to the beach. No culture for us! It was hot, the waves were big and the water was warm. A nice day.

Rio de Janeiro was our last Brazilian stop. Our first day we just did our own thing. We went to Ipanema Beach so I could walk around singing the “Girl from Ipanema”. We did not go to Corcovado to see Christ the Redeemer statue but we could see it from our balcony. Sugar Loaf Mountain is also a must see which we skipped but here is a great picture of it during cruise in. Day two found us taking a 4 x4 ride into the Tijuca Rainforest which is in Rio. First we stopped at the Chinese Pagoda for a scenic overlook of the city. Yes, that’s a cloud. But, we did get to see monkeys 🐒! We then went to Cascatinha waterfall which was beautiful and peaceful. Our final activity was a hike through the rainforest.

It was a completely amazing to me to be in Uruguay, a place I never even thought about. Uruguay has 98% literacy among adults. They also have a large middle class. Most SA countries we’ve been to have high poverty. We shared a cab into Montevideo and walked back to the ship. It’s a wonderful city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina was a nice stop. We spent part of the first day on our own. The later part of the day was spent at La Rural, a large exhibition center for a ship party for those of us on the full trip. We had great entertainment with gauchos doing cowboy stuff. Inside we went back in time to the era of the invention of the tango. We had tapas courses and an amazing show with music, singing, and dancing. The next day we went to an Argentine wine tasting. It was fun and informative. You can’t be here and not run into Evita. This is the balcony of the president’s house where she would speak to the people.

Our next phase will be more about nature as we approach Patagonia and the “end of the world.”

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