After London

We started the rail portion of our journey by traveling to Newcastle Upon Tyne where we visited some friends we met on our previous travels. We had a wonderful time driving around and seeing lots of old castles and small, quaint villages. Above is Bamburgh Castle. We then went to Alnwick which is really off the beaten path. There we stayed at the White Swan, a hotel in a 300 year old building. In it is the Olympic dining room which was taken from the ship the Olympic, duplicate sister ship of the Titanic. The room was built just to fit the wood panels from the the ship. It’s gorgeous. Alnwick is also famous for it’s castle which was Hogworts in the early Harry Potter films. It also was in the last few episodes of Downtown Abbey. It is closed for the winter because the Duke likes to have hunting parties there. These are part of the grounds. This treehouse is currently the largest in the world since the one in California burned. We had lunch there.

After Alnwick we went to Edinburgh which is a great city to visit. We used the hop-on hop-off bus to circle the city a couple of times. We walked up to Edinburgh Castle and did the whole tour there. We saw some great views of Edinburgh while at the castle. While in Inverness we went on a long tour to the Isle of Skye. I have never seen such breathtaking views. This is the Highlands of Scotland.We had perfect weather for the trip. We are now in Glasgow where we are having a super time.

More later.