A Little Bit of England and Scotland

We are off on another excursion.  This time we are on our own. Scary thought.

But what would a trip be complete without a crossing on the Queen Mary 2? As I type this I am sitting in the grand lobby killing a little time while our room is being cleaned.

We have had a great crossing with very calm seas this time. As before, we have enjoyed the speakers and activities on board. We attended three cocktail parties and one champagne tea.

We dined in four different venues and really ran out of time to do all we wanted. We also ran into a few of the crew we knew from before who remembered us. That was a treat!

The water and sky are so beautiful on the ocean.

After disembarking in Southampton, we took a bus to London’s St. Pancras train station. That took forever. Then getting a cab and getting to our hotel took another hour. During all this we discovered that our cell service was not working. After spending and hour and a half on that we were a bit down trodden. But after getting all that done we went to eat “lunner” (lunch and dinner) and enjoyed that very much after a nice family left us a half a bottle of wine! Life got better.

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