The Last Post

It makes me sad. What a great trip this has been.

After going through the Suez Canal, we stopped in Limassol, Cyprus and went to a small town, Lofou. There we had a meal called a taste of Cyprus. Oh, my but it was good. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share. Operator error this time.

Italy was next. We were supposed to go to Naples but they hadn’t dredged our berth. The Mary has a deep draft and the harbor was too shallow. Instead of Naples we went to Sorrento. It’s a beautiful little city of 17,000 people. We just wandered around and had fun.

The port of Rome is Civitavecchia which is about an hour and a half from Rome so we took a tour. Our first stop was the forum.

Next we hit the Colosseum, but only from the outside.

Following the Colosseum we went to The Vatican which is actually another country. We waited an hour and a half in the rain to enter St. Peter’s Basilica and it was worth the wait.

After Rome we went to Barcelona and took a tour of all things Gaudi. His most famous work is Basilica de la Sagrada Familia which has been under construction since the 1880’s. It’s gorgeous.Our last stop before Southampton was Cadiz. We took a tour of the cathedral which was pretty interesting.Then we spent a little time walking around the city.Thanks for sharing our world tour with us. It’s been a truly great experience.

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