Our Arab World

Our first stop was in Muscat, Oman. It is beautiful.

The Grand Mosque, a gift from the Sultan to his people, was our first tour stop.The Swarovski crystal chandeliers were lovely. Here are a few of the interior details.One of our other destinations was the Sultan’s palace. He wasn’t available for tea the day we were there.Nice digs!

In Dubai we went on an evening desert safari. We drove on sand dunes through the desert to a camp where we rode a camel, saw a falconry demonstration, tried a shisha, got a henna tattoo (just me), and watched entertainment. It was the most fun!Here are the camels going home just before we did.After several sea days cruising through pirate infested waters without an incident, we arrived in Aqaba, Jordan, where we visited the lost city of Petra which was carved out of the mountains about 80 AD. It was a long walk downhill and a longer walk back up but it was worth it. The weather was cool and sunny.

Unfortunately this is all I can upload due to the whims of internet at sea. Until next time, adios.

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