Malaysia & Thailand

We stopped at three Malaysian islands after we left Singapore.

Our first stop was at Kuala Lumpur where we used the subway to go from the Petronas towers to Central Market.After spending time there we walked the river walk where we saw some neat old buildings. The mosque was holding prayer service. All men are required to go at noon on Friday. It was a hub of activity.We got rain to end the day.

The next day we were in Penang. We took the hop-on-hop-off bus and also road the funicular to get views of the city. Here are a few of the photos from the day.The following day we went to Langkawi where we had a great day in town shopping and a fun time on the beach. The ocean was as warm as bath water. We were just a few degrees north of the equator.

Finally we got to Phuket, Thailand, which many of you were anticipating. It is pronounced Poo-ket, by the way. It wasn’t our best day. We should have just stayed on the beach and relaxed but we went into town instead. It was a 45 minute ride on an un-air conditioned bus. This is the tropics. It’s always hot and humid. After recovering from that we visited some shops and took another slightly air conditioned bus back to the ship. But we had a detour so it took an hour and a half. I was half-dead and very sweaty.After Phuket, we went to Colombo, Sri Lanka, which turned out to be king of a dud. The shuttle usually takes us to a central location with lots of shopping and we go on our own from there. This time it took us to a single store with nothing around it so we went back to the ship. There was a little market set up just off the gangway so we shopped there and had a pretty good day, really. There seemed to be a lot of uniformed men with automatic weapons in the harbor area. Not sure why.

Our next stop was Cochin, India. We didn’t get Indian visas so we were confined to the ship. Cochin isn’t really a wonderful stop. If it had been the Taj Mahal, I would have tried harder. Here’s all we could see.In a few days we will be in Oman followed buy Dubai. Looking forward to a camel ride.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia & Thailand

  1. Great Pixs and we really like your narrative. We have enjoyed your travels and look forward to what comes next. It makes me want to put on my traveling shoes.


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