Some Australia and Beyond

This will be either too much information or not enough. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve revised this post.

We went from Bay of Islands NZ back to Sydney where we visited the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and other parts of the city. It was just a very pleasant day. Sail away was beautiful!

0Brisbane is where we went to the Koala Sanctuary and saw dingos, koalas, and more.

Going to the Great Barrier Reef was the highlight of my trip so far. I loved snorkeling there. Our trip on the catamaran to and from was really fun too. It was bouncy and seasick inducing but just like a really good amusement park ride. Here’s the reef.

We were supposed to go to Darwin for our last stop in Australia but they had the worst cyclone in 30 years instead. Then due to a whole bunch of circumstances that started with skipping the Darwin stop we also had to skip Bali. This is all we saw of the island as we passed by.

After nine days at sea and crossing the equator going north, we finally got to go ashore in Singapore. Mike and I actually made it from place to place on the subway system. We went on a food tour of Chinatown which was quite (ful)filling. Singapore is beautiful and very, very hot and humid. We were both taken with the Marina Sands Hotel, Bay of Gardens and Chinatown.

Our next stop was to be Brunei but they are dredging the harbor and we can’t go there so we went to Bangkok instead. Here we saw The Grand Palace and the emerald Buddha.

We also saw the gold Buddha.

Bangkok was very hot and humid, like Singapore.

Next we went to Saigon, AKA Ho Chi Min City. We saw the old Post Office and did some bartering on the street. We also found a great restaurant where our bill amounted to $6.29 for two meals, two beers, and a Diet Pepsi (which cost more than a beer)!

Today we are in Hong Kong. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.

More about Hong Kong later. We went to a black tie dinner for all the world cruisers from QM2 and Queen Elizabeth which is tied up at our stern. Very fun time. Happy Easter to all!

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