NZ Fjords

Today we cruised by some of the fiords of New Zealand. These are views of the fiords and the southwest coast of NZ’s South Island. There was a ranger on board to tell us about them as we slowly made our way through Milford Sound first. It was early morning as we approached so there were some pretty skies to see.

Next came Doubtful Sound.

Our final drive by was Dusky Sound. The little black things on the rock are seals.

Just gorgeous views all day long.

Tomorrow we will be ashore at Dunedin.

Here’s some random information about time. We are currently 18 hours ahead of you EST people. We gained those hours one at a time by jumping from noon to 1:00 on 18 of our 55 days. No jet lag but it is like going to Daylight Savings Time 18 times. In Adelaide, Australia, we lost a half hour which really threw me off. Adelaide is 14-1/2 hours ahead of EST. After New Zealand we will start getting back those hours we lost. I’m told the addition will occur 6at midnight. The time of day that the time is deleted and added is for the benefit of the crew so that they don’t lose sleep. The crew is fantastic. They work hard.

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