Leaving Australia…Temporarily

Southern Australia is a place I could call home. All of our stops have been super. Adelaide is a rather small city where we visited a mall (a street closed to traffic with shops on both sides), the oldest surviving Victorian house, and a park. Just lovely. All the cities seem to have lots of green space and parks. I was taken with these four pigs in the mall.

Kangaroo Island was like another world. I don’t think the pictures can capture that feeling. We visited Seal Bay which is a reserve for some endangered sea lions. While there we had a little pup come over to us wanting to play. According to our guides, it is rare to see a pup that young (about 2 months). We saw some kangaroos but have no photos of them. Here are a few of the sea lions and the island as best as we could capture it.

We went to Melbourne twice – before and after Kangaroo Island. I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea, but we enjoyed both days. The city is full of both old Victorian buildings and new skyscrapers. We managed to get involved in a Chinese New Year celebration on our first day. The second day we got haircuts, completed a few errands, and took a tour called “Booze Makes History Better.” Yes, it truly does. It was a fun time with two guides, Flo and Angus. There were only 5 of us: two Mikes, two Wendys, and one Ann! We had great conversations. Some of our favorite views in Melbourne follow.

Sydney was our last stop in Australia before heading to New Zealand. We arrived early and had a sunrise view of the opera house and bridge as well as he whole skyline. We went on a tour and ended up at Bondi Beach where we shared a bench with a woman from New Jersey who was backpacking her way around Australia. We just meet so many amazing people. We finished our day by bankrupting ourselves at a Saturday market place.

We are headed to New Zealand now but will be back in Sydney in about 10 days. Looking forward to it!

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