Getting to Australia

G’day mates! They really say that here. But before getting here we had to cross the Indian Ocean. On the way we stopped at two volcanic islands just west of Madagascar: Reunion which is French and Mauritius which is independent. Both were beautiful little islands warm with high humidity. The first picture is Reunion.

It took us six days to cross the Indian Ocean to arrive in Fremantle, our first Australian port. Australia is divided into only six states even though it’s a good size continent. The people in Fremantle are the most polite people I’ve ever seen. We went around on our own and saw a lot. Our first stop was Fremantle Prison. That was a fun tour. The conditions were quite primitive and it was closed in the 1990s.

The only legal form of execution was by hanging but Australia no longer has a death penalty.

After the prison we had lunch and then took a bus to a shipwreck museum and the Round House which is the oldest building in Freo and also started life as a prison. Great views from here. This is one of the city. I can’t tell you about the yellow circles but blocks and blocks of buildings have been painted with portions of these circles and this is the view from the RH.

The view of the this park and the ocean is also wonderful.

The very next day we went to a little town called Bussleton. The biggest experience here is that the ship had to anchor three miles out due to shallow waters and we took tenders (which turned out to be our lifeboats) into land.

This is where got off the tenders. That jetty is 1.87 km long and we went clear to the end. We got a ride on a small train for part of the trip but in all we walked the entire length.

Bussleton was a sweet little town. People again were quite friendly and helpful. I loved this postal box!

Now I’m going to say a little more about the ship so you can stop reading if that doesn’t interest you. We have met really wonderful people and continue to meet more. Mostly they are Brits. We attend a lot of lectures given by people such as retired members of parliament and retired military people. We also hear from historians and experts in various fields. One of my favorites was a pathologist. The people and these lectures really help broaden my tiny little world. In the evenings we have live entertainment. Some of it is outstanding like this tenor we had last week. He played the phantom in “Phantom of the Opera”. He sang both opera and broadway type show tunes. We also went to hear a comedian a couple of times. I love the sea days almost as much as the days on shore. Here are a couple of shots of our dining room. Honest. We eat here every day.

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