Port Elizabeth

Before I tell you about PE, some of you asked about the drought in Cape Town. It’s serious there. Nothing gets watered and swimming pools are empty except for saltwater pools. There is no green grass but most trees and bushes look okay. Mostly they are succulents. Day Zero is April 12 when water supplies run out and water will be turned off. People will have to go pick up their daily ration. The botanical park we went to is on the other side of the mountain and has it’s own reservoirs and mountain streams so they aren’t as stressed as the rest of the area.

Today we arrived at Port Elizabeth and went on a safari at Addo Elephant Park. Here we are in our safari hats ready to take off in this vehicle.Addo started with just 11 elephants after all the rest had been killed by some guy named Pretoria. They now have 700 and I’m sure we saw at least half. We also saw 100+ zebra. There were also some wildebeests, warthogs, and a springbok or something like that. It’s SA’s national animal.My favorite moment of the day was when we stopped to watch this elephant and her baby. She turned her back to us and farted. Now that’s a sound to behold!It was really neat to see the animals in such great numbers doing what they do in their natural habitat.

Over and out for now. Our next stop is Reunion Island in 4 or 5 days.

Thanks for all your comments. We love to hear from you and for me it makes all the time and effort it takes to do this worth it. Getting cell reception and internet access can be such a frustration that I’ve quit many times. But I always try again and that’s what you end up seeing.

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