From Tenerife to Cape Town

We left Tenerife on Jan. 15 and got to Cape Town on Jan. 26. Between those two dates we had little or no internet availability so that’s why I have only posted a short blurb since then.

Jan. 17 we had an unplanned stop in Dakar, Senegal to transport a passenger to a hospital. We didn’t actually get to the port but dropped anchor 5 miles out and a boat transported the patient.

Jan. 19 we crossed the equator. There was a big celebration with Neptune and his entourage. Then all the pollywogs (first timers) who volunteered were covered in spaghetti and sauce and led to the pool. Neither of us volunteered. Instead we watched with a deluxe old fashioned to quench our thirst. It was much better than getting spaghettied. Here are a few pictures of the celebration.

We are now shellbacks and have the certificate to prove it.

We also celebrated that evening with a cocktail party.

In the next few days I learned some things: it’s really hard to paint your toenails on a moving ship, the doldrums are really calm seas but it’s still hard to paint toenails, there aren’t nearly enough washing machines for passenger use (Laundry Wars!), it’s really windy at sea except in the doldrums, you que up rather than stand in line and lots of other stuff. One of the best lectures I attended was General Lord Dannett who was, among lots of other things, Constable at the Tower of London. That was a great lecture.

Jan. 24 we arrived at Walvis Bay in Namibia. There was not much there. Internet was down over all of Walvis Bay and so we had no contact. It is just a town in a desert. I did get a picture of a Pelican, though.

Finally on Jan. 24 we arrived in Cape Town for our 2 day stay. I thought we were never going to get through immigration! It took hours.

One of the most famous sites is Table Mountain as seen here. It’s the flat topped mountain.

Early in the afternoon the clouds came over the mountain. It’s called the table cloth. We never saw the top again.

We toured the city both days on a hop on hop off bus so we saw a lot. Here is a little of the architecture of the old town.

We explored a bit on our own through the markets.

Today we hopped on again and this time we went to Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and had a thorough and interesting tour of the plants.

We also saw some very interesting birds: sugar bird, ibis, and guinea fowl. This one’s for you Amy!

After the gardens I was cranky and tired. (I know, hard to believe.) We went to a winery and had this fromage plate and some wine which was just the thing I needed.

Two things we saw near the wharf were sea lions and Nobel Square honoring South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize winners: Luthuli, Tutu, de Klerk, and Mandela.

We are about to leave Cape Town for Port Elizabeth. If we have cell service there I’ll try to connect again. If not, we’ll see you when we can! I love seeing your comments. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “From Tenerife to Cape Town

  1. Looks amazing. Truly a trip of a lifetime. You both look very sophisticated in your fancy clothes…perfect. Wishing you better luck with the laundry!


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