The Crossing

This trip did not start out the way we expected. We left port a day later than planned in a blizzard with hurricane strength winds and rough seas. We immediately got seasick. On the second day out we started to feel better (those patches are wonderful) only to wake up to no water anywhere on the ship for a few hours. Somewhere during the day there was also an (false) alarm for a fire on our deck. The ship was pretty rocky for the whole crossing but we had a great time anyway. However, you’ll have to wait until later for pictures because I’m having technical problems.

Today we arrived in Southampton and Mike and I toured on our own. This is where the Titanic sailed from. It is also a medieval town with some remnants from that time. Here are some pictures of the Bar Gate. It separates the old town from the new stuff.

A favorite place of mine is the Rood Church which was bombed during WWII and is still a ruin. The white memorial is for those who lost their lives on the Titanic.

This is the Titanic Pub. It was too busy for us to go in but it sure looked like a great place.

And where did we eat? At a Pizza Hut. I was craving pizza. Next we are off to Madeira and Tenerife.

2 thoughts on “The Crossing

  1. So happy for both of you…..Thank you so much for sharing.. Enjoy the coming days. We are warmer here now, but more cold is on the way….My best to you wonderful friends, Don Olson


  2. Hi Mike and Wendy…It looks like you’re having an incredible time! Thank you for the updates and pictures…love hearing about your adventures!


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