Traveling 2

We left home on Jan.1 after picking up our rental car. It was pretty packed with all six suitcases .

We drove to New Stanton, PA, that day. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IN WINTER. It was a rough trip. The next morning we drove the second leg. It was dicey at first – lots of junk on the windshield and frozen window washer – but it got better.

We drove through the Holland Tunnel and through Chinatown, arrived in Brooklyn and got to our hotel without a problem. Miracles do happen! The hotel was not in the best of neighborhoods as evidenced by the numerous tattoo and piercing businesses as well as the knock-off MK purses being sold on the sidewalk. There were plenty of factory stores too. We had a comfort-food meal at Shake Shack. This is the view from there.If you look hard, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge between the buildings.

If you look hard, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge between the building.

Today we got up and found a nice local restaurant, Junior’s in Brooklyn on Flatbush,for corned beef hash. Then we managed to get gas in the car, find the terminal, drop off our bags, take the car back to the rental place and catch a taxi back to the pier. All of this took maybe an hour and a half. it was really very easy.

At the pier we stood in at least three lines showing our passports and tickets. We got our cabin keys and then waited in something like a warehouse to board. They did not let us into the VIP lounge! Imagine that.

After embarking we roamed the ship and ended up in a buffet where I looked out on the city and the Statue of Liberty. We met another couple who has already traveled the world and gave us lots of travel tips. She was English and he originally came from Glasgow and was in the Royal Marines. This is so awesome!

We will begin “The Crossing” in a couple of hours. This is over and out until we dock in Southampton.

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